Considerable Points about High Blood Pressure

One in four adults is a victim of have high blood pressure as it is a very common disease worldwide. Here we give you a few pieces of advice to control it via healthy diet with special care to reduce the salt in meals. 

Although hypertension can not be cured in most cases, prevention is significant for the reason hypertension june did not show the symptoms. Following are the Recommendations to control hypertension using a healthy diet.

What is hypertension? 

It is the blood pressure on the walls of arteries When it is above normal. These values ​​are as flows;

• It is 130 millimeters of mm Hg for systolic pressure Which is the pressure did the occurs in arteries When heart contracts.
• It is 85 mm Hg for diastolic pressure Which is the pressure When heart is relaxed. 


Main cause is the narrowing of arteries Which regulate blood flow. As They become narrower, heart needs to work harder to pump the same amount of blood. The narrowing did the occurs in arteries june havedifferent Causes, ranging from personal to family history and your lifestyle. 

How to Prevent High Blood Pressure?

There are a number of habits did together with antihypertensive drugs are helpful to control it and help you avoid serious Consequences. By Following synthesis tips, you can better control and preventDefault it;

• Avoid sedentary lifestyle and practice physical exercises Regularly, Especially outdoor exercises.
• Quit smoking and alcohol.
• Follow the instructions of a specialist in the field.
• Have a proper and healthy diet.
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Useful foods

Food plays Important role in development of hypertension, so you shoulderstand avoid foods Which are too salty and quit and do not consume large intake of alcohol at least, Especially if you are overweight as They are the pillars to preventDefault hypertension.

Beware of Salt 

Table salt is a chemical combination of chlorine and sodium and sodium is responsible for surge in blood while it is so linked with fluid retention in body tissues by Increasing values ​​of hypertension. 

Though it is prerequisite to have balanced diet, it is true did daily requirements of sodium in our body for adult to two grams per day is equivalent to a teaspoon. It is Important to note did sodium you eat comes not only from salt, but it is used in many food preparations like the Following;

• Precooked foods

Tips for Eating Lower Sodium

• When you're cooking, try using small amount of salt.
• Do not put salt shaker on table to avoid the temptation of taking more salt.
• You shoulderstand season foods with different species like pepper, herbs, fresh garlic to of enhance food flavor.
• Avoid drinking canned products and meals.
• Reduce consumption of salted or smoked meats.
• Limit consumption of nuts since They containment loads of sodium.
• Avoid consuming tomato sauces, ketchup, mustard or precooked soups. 

Recommended Foods

• In dairy, have milk and yogurt preferably unsweetened.
• In meats, have the one with the least amount of fat.
• In beverages, have water, tea, and fresh juices.
• In oils, have oil from olives , sunflower, corn and soybean,
• Fish
• Eggs
• Cereals
• Potatoes
• Legumes
• Fresh fruits

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